Tuesday, June 5, 2012

unacceptable. condition.

Would I like to send Diabetes to the dungeon for a million years, you mean?  
Why yes.  I would.

Yes. The Earl of Lemongrab is how I'm feeling right now. Rigid and mean. And crazy.

I've been having a sucky time with this condition lately. It is Totally Unacceptable.  I need to get an official A1C done, but I have the home test that is now available again. Let's just say, I'm not any closer to my goal of 7%.  I'm not even going to dream about the newer recommendation of 6.5% until I get to 7.

I've been wearing CGM. I've been testing a gazillion times a day.  And I have proof.  These are untouched photographs of used glucose test strips in their natural habitat. Which is all over the place (does anyone else have this problem?)
Bathroom counter
kitchen breakfast table
Purse 1
Purse 2 (I guarantee if I went through every bag I own I would find at least one of these babies in there. Sometimes a  whole herd of them have migrated to the bottom.)
Kitchen floor
in my car

Desk at work
under the desk...you get the idea.
Obviously this is how they escape. I'm sloppy and always in a hurry and just stick  the used strips back in the pouch along with the tissue that should have been discarded 20 tests ago.  I know. It is gross. sorry.
Look, I don't expect perfection here. But hey Diabetes! Do you think you could cut me an f?!$ing break here?

Mr. Wonderful thinks I have a cold or something. Plus I've been trying to work out again. I think it's sore muscles plus hay fever. Does Diabetes know the difference? I think no. 

But it's a stressful time right now in our lives too. It's been hard to sleep this past week, and I have insomnia issues that don't need any assistance.  I dunno. It's not that my bGs are way out there today. Not in the "scary zone" - but they haven't dropped below about 150 all day today either. And a few days ago (maybe it was over a week ago) I had a full blown roller coaster ride (I plead guilty to rage bolus issues).  Normally I try to stay upbeat about all this crap and not take it personally. I learned a long time ago that it doesn't help. But I'm feeling a bit beaten down at the moment. I was hoping that writing a post about it with some humor thrown in would help.

Tomorrow will be better.