Self-Help Team updates

Physician Team:
Primary care physician - Check
Endocrinologist - Check
Ob/Gyn - Check
Eye Doc - Check
Gastroenterologist - Check
Dupuytren's Hand Guy - Check
Dentist - Check
Family/Kid therapist - Check times 2

Still Need:
Dermatologist to check my moles!

Haven't consolidated to a single pharmacist. Basically one handles all things diabetes related, and the other handles emergency meds and those that I'd just as soon remain pretty anonymous (the pharmacist we try to use the most is a private, old-timey pharmacy inside a hardware store. How awesome is that?

Annual or regular screens:
Eyes - annual
Kidney function - annual
Thyroid function - annual
HPV Cervical screen + Pap - every 3 years if negative
Dental - every 6 months
Endocrinologist (diabetes A1C, thyroid) - every 4 months or so.

updated 4/5/12 - pretty good. Need to see Ob/Gyn soon and schedule a dermo screen appt. (for the latter I can maybe use the same plastic surgery office as the Dupe's guy I am so happy with.

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