Sunday, August 4, 2013

What up?

I'm thinking of resurrecting my blogs...searching for some cohesive theme for the content of this health related blog.

So. What IS up?

1) my weight
2) fatigue level
3) number of hypos I'm having lately
4) frequency of exercise
5) my job satisfaction
6) getting xiaflex for dupuytren's in my right hand

So not all bad.

What's NOT up, thankfully is my A1C - even though I have been so pessimistic about it lately.
Also NOT up is my level of travel - much less travel with my new position I started in April. A lot of job stress, but not the kind that makes me crazy - more the kind that you attack and address and get things done. So I'm happier at work and rebuilding a routine that can include exercise - though time is still a major challenge.

I started using "MyFitnessPal" app on my iPhone to track calories and exercise - I really like it and encourage anyone interested to check it out. The Weight Watchers thing isn't working for me - too much calculating when combined with my carb counting - straight up calories just make more sense.
Check it out here!

I'd like to write a post about Duypuytren's and my experiences so will put that in the hopper.

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  1. nice detailed and i very appreciate this kind of post


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