Monday, October 24, 2011

There will be celebration breaks in Janet's Self Help Book

The weekend was a little grueling. Not really a wise move after my extended illness. Mother would not have approved.  But Teen Wonder was admitted to Humboldt State on Early Admission Day,and it was a fun day - for her back up school it is still a good fit for her.  It's a 6 hour drive away, so we flew on miles and rented a car. It's hard to drive on some of these stomach meds so I had to wing it a bit. We're home safe.

She's happy.

I felt the sunshine on my cheek this afternoon and stopped to just breath and enjoy the moment of peace. A real feeling of peace no matter how short.

I let tears come over me on my pillow next.Just tears of release. nothing more


  1. I guess mom will have to approve; sometimes moments of peace come at great cost.

  2. Wait a second...Teen Wonder is graduating this year?! Sheesh!


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