Friday, December 30, 2011

a little on convalescence...

I wish I could say "a very little" on convalescence, but it seems I'm learning another one of those life lessons on not pushing things faster than nature intends.

Nature does NOT intend for you to have mild green fish curry with rice instead of plain noodle soup even though you've been "okay" for a few days...

Nature does NOT intend for you to go to a doctor's appointment with a brand new endocrinologist who will scrutinize your records and not know you or your history. Have a nice anxiety attack and throw up instead.

Nature does NOT intend for you to skip medications until Nature says it's okay. And you do not get to know when that is.

Nature does NOT intend for you to do last minute Christmas shopping at crazy places, and then still be able to wrap gifts and play Santa on Christmas Eve.

Nature does NOT intend for you to have a glass of wine or champagne to celebrate anything (ever?)

Nature seems to have a lot of rules about convalescence that I never heard of before after being sick...and I am having a bit of a time dealing with it.  Personally, I've been in the bounce back quickly and strong club for the most part.  But the good news is that I'm starting to reach an acceptance about it. And even wondering whether  I really ever did bounce back so quickly as I thought.

just a food for thought as I ponder how to approach a New Year...

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  1. Take your time; hope you are feeling better in THIS moment. Lots of love, Kim Brindley


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