Saturday, March 31, 2012

WEGO Health - a blog challenge for April

Time to get some writing discipline around this Self-Help book.  Recently I visited a cool website by a blogger with diabetes who is also an art therapist. And I saw she was a member of this site: WEGO Health, a site for Health Activists. I took the quiz "Are you a Health Activist" and guess what? I qualify. But compared to most of the members of this site, my little blog is not a huge contribution to health activism.  I'm not clear that I can or will become a busier health activist, but I am outspoken and honest about my own experiences and my views on different aspects of healthcare and specific diseases/disorders.  So what I did do was to sign up for the Health Activist Writer's Month Challenge. I'll do my best to post each day for the month of April (not going to be the easiest, since it is a busy month for me).  I'll try and include personal experiences as well as information and resources I use to get me through my days in a healthier way. 

See below for the invitation to join me:

 Hey everyone - I just wanted to tell you about a new activity I'll be doing this April. The Health Activist Writer's Month Challenge hosted by WEGO Health. I will be writing a post a day for all 30 days. I hope you'll join me in writing every day about health. It's going to be a lot of fun and I'd love to see what you have to say about each of the topics, too. All you have to do to join is sign up here: and you'll be able to start posting once April rolls around. Looking forward to writing with you!

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