Wednesday, May 2, 2012

HAWMC 2012 Wrap-up

I'm a day late with my wrap up post, but still want to write at least a brief one...
Prompt: Recap HAWMC. You did it! 30 posts in 30 days. Which was your favorite prompt? Which was the most difficult? Which ideas will you reuse? Who was your favorite fellow blogger?

Writing a post every day was a real challenge for me - especially with business travel and Spring Break thrown in the mix.  I don't think I would have had as much fun without the writing prompts, for sure.  The ones that elicited the most personal response were the ones that got comments and a little more traffic. Especially the "Letter to your 16 year old self" and the "Memory in the third person", as a couple of examples.  Some of them gave me a chance to use humor (legit) - I liked that. Like the Pinterest board, the "Stay Calm and Carry On", the "Six Sentence Story".  Actually I was a little sad more people didn't read my six sentence story - I thought I was being so clever. but maybe not.  I guess the most difficult prompts were the ones I didn't write - like "Writing Style". I don't know what my writing style is or how it's changed. For my health blog, I haven't been writing very long so maybe this will be more clear to me at some point.

Ideas I'll reuse?  Probably the word cloud, and pinning more health related things on Pinterest. The "Letter to 16 year old Self" is not one I'll likely use again on this blog, but maybe at a retreat or workshop. I think this is something everyone can relate to and would learn from.  I'll likely use the "memory in the third person" as a way to indulge in some creative writing - it became so obvious how authors can incorporate their own experiences into stories and this was something I didn't really think about before.  And I loved the 6 sentence story challenge.

Anyway, the last on the prompt list - my favorite fellow blogger. This will sound a little dense, but I hadn't tried very hard to connect with the larger community of health bloggers before HAWMC. I've added several to my Google Reader, like Linda at Leading a Healthy Life, and a bunch of diabetes bloggers like Karen at Bitter Sweet (even though her laptop bonked), smartDpants, and several others including some that were links I found through browsing blogs from HAWMC. I want to make some effort to get involved in this online d-community especially.

What's my next challenge? I'm so fricken goal-oriented. Something I could blog about my experience, the research I'll do, etc. I'm thinking of a 6-week exercise challenge of some sort. Or a challenge to try the super low-carb diet approach (even though I'm pretty sure I don't want to do that forever).  Any ideas or suggestions?

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  1. Yeah, once my laptop died I kind of lost steam! Good for you for getting through the whole month, it sure isn't easy.

    Next challenge? I love the exercise challenge - that's something that is always "challenging" to me. And of course, there is always Diabetes Blog Week next week!! ;)


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