Saturday, May 26, 2012

Meditate? Me? Bwahahahahaha!

I was just now enjoying a moment.  I'm in the kitchen with a furry cat on my lap. I'm still in my bathrobe, but I've gotten a few things done. There is a clock ticking to my left. Everywhere I can see from this view is complete chaos. Every counter piled with papers and stuff and dirty dishes. Milk sitting out on the counter.

But there aren't any other humans in the house, no other noises, and I am just breathing (and now typing). And I realized that I feel really calm and peaceful. Just for a minute or two not thinking about anything. Or when I am thinking, only enjoying some nice thought at random.  Somehow, these moments are very rare for me. My massage therapist tells me I would be a perfect candidate for a practice in meditation. I don't know how to meditate, and the idea always strikes me as a little silly.

But if this is the endgame of meditation, maybe I should give it a try.

(WWHHHOOOOOSH!! Look out! Here comes the reality of my monkey brain back from her little break!)

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  1. I fought the concept and the hospital rehab program I was in sent me for 3 sets of 8 week sessions in Mindful Meditation. I spent the first set fighting it, the second set thinking it was silly but useful, and the third set embracing it.

    If you have somewhere near you that is offering a session go ahead and give it a shot. (might not be as mellowing as a furry cat on the lap though)


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