Sunday, April 22, 2012

What does your sticky note say?

HAWMC - Day 22 (and Happy Earth Day too!)

Today's Prompt is called "The Things We Forget".  Visit and make your own version of a short memo reminder. where would you post it?

Actually, I found a site where you can generate sticky notes online and save the files to your computer or flicker.  I like the interesting read on "thingsweforget" blog - there is a lot of food for thought there and you can buy some pretty cool premade collections of stickies.

 But it was fun to make my own little sticky notes.  Here's my initial collection:


Okay that last one is obviously stolen.  But I swear I could write these things all day and they would range from the extremely mundane to the ultra "deep".  We use a lot of sticky notes around here...  The site is  if you want to go and make some stickies of your own.  I will be bookmarking the site for future reference, that is for sure!

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