Thursday, April 12, 2012

swimming upstream of consciousness

Prompt #12 for HAWMC - write stream of conciousness for 15 minutes (I'm setting a timer!). Start with the phrase "Today I looked in the mirror and..."

Today I looked in the mirror and realized that it was already 10:15am. Our sump pump fried itself, and it's been rainy and may rain some more, so we had to do something about it like, pronto! But  my husband (aka Mr. Wonderful) pretty much took care of it for us - I didn't really have to do anything. I'd found the old pump running last night (well, technically it was early in the morning) and decided I'd better wake Mr. Wonderful up since I wasn't sure what to do besides unplug it. The sump well was pretty much full.

Anyway, we agreed to find a new one in the morning and replace it and went (back) to sleep.  However, this morning I woke up with a splitting headache brought on by not enough sleep, hormonal state, low overnight bG, weather pressure changes, a mild head cold, and a shot of pepper vodka at midnite (dumb idea btw, but insomnia messes with your judgement, you know?) Two Excedrin later I decided I'd work from home for the morning in case Mr. Wonderful needed any help or anything.  I dialed into my teleconference at 8am with some coffee and high-grain cereal, and mostly just listened in. Interesting topics, but not projects I'm directly involved in - more that I need to learn the process for this particular team so I understand what to contribute when it is my turn.  Then I did some actual work preparing for a conference I'm attending next week and answering a few emails. Then at 10 I realized that I was still in my bathrobe and that I had a real live meeting to get to at the office by 11:30.

The mirror. Some days the mirror is not my friend and I notice every little bulge, age spot, and saggy piece of skin imaginable. Most days I am much more objective and my goal is to take the middle aged face and body I see there and dress it with style and apply products that will moisten, firm, camoflage, and enhance my skin and hair.  This process takes about 30 minutes, which I think is not bad. Today was pretty objective. I really didn't have time to obsess. This is a good thing.

I changed my clothes almost completely after the first try, and felt smug with my final choices. I did look stylish in my humble opinion. But only from the neck down. After hair and face, I got an inspired idea for my neck which was still bare. I have this cool buffalo nickel necklace that I never wear. For some reason it is on the uber-long chain that doesn't really work with many outfits I wear - but today I threaded the chain through twice and then did this crazy loosen-tighten-loosen-tighten dance with it to actually get it around my neck and clasped.  Then I took a final look and I smiled at myself. "good job self" I did not say out loud. 

As I walked out of the bathroom I realized that 5 hours earlier I'd had a splitting headache and I couldn't believe how bright and optimistic I felt.  Actually, I felt really happy. I had that sense of physical well-being that I wish I could capture and summon up as my majority state rather than the minority state. Mr. Wonderful successfully swapped out our sump pump, so my crafty space and our laundry room won't get flooded (God willing). My bGs have been brilliant in the past 48 hours (probably a function of the hormone fluctuation back downward but I will take it).  I have some interesting things to do at work today, and the sun was shining after the clouds of the early morning broke up. 

I love Excedrin.

(ding! time's up!  I'm going to publish this without any editing so forgive any boo-boos please...)

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